Top Down Vs Bottom Up Explain for Occupational Therapy


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Since occupational therapy began its plight to fit into the medical model, occupational therapy practitioners have struggled with identity. Is occupational therapy top-down or bottom-up? In school, OTPs are taught one thing -- TOP DOWN TOP DOWN TOP DOWN! I mean, that's what AOTA and NBCOT need us to know... But then you get out into practice and quickly realize that what we were taught in school is VERY different than what the working clinician is doing! What are we seeing? Are we seeing bottom-up? Are we seeing top down? Is it both?? Is that okay?? Where is the balance? This episode will help you find the balance between Top-Down and Bottom-up so that you will not follow in the footsteps of the profession - facing a monumental existential crisis at every turn due to unestablished identity. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook! Join the BOT Portal @ #OccupationalTherapy #reTHINKOT #nextGenOT #OTlove #excellenceinpractice #elevate

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