How Influencer Marketing Affects Purchasing Decisions


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Consumers are no longer attracted to flashy ads. Instead, they want to see the people behind the brand or hear about real-life experiences of collaborating with a brand or using their products. That's why influencer marketing is so popular these days (and has been for the past decade).

But, as customers' habits change, they perceive brand ambassadors or macro-influencers as less trustworthy, and they are more likely to trust small or micro-influencers — people from their surroundings — when purchasing.

In this episode of Reverse Engineered, our host Jon Penland welcomes Kristen Wiley, CEO and Founder of Statusphere. Kristen and Jon discuss influencer marketing, how it has changed over the years, the challenges of running a company like Statusphere, and the success of the member-first approach.
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