Why This Agency Pivoted From a Service Company to a Product Company


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''Follow your dreams and do what you love'' is easier said than done. However, many have chosen to take this path. There will be bumps on the road — some more challenging than others — but you can reach the desired destination if you have a clear goal.

And while you can rely on your knowledge and experience, don't overlook the importance of luck. However, you must recognize it first to be able to make the most out of it.

In this episode of the Reverse Engineered podcast, our host Jon Penland chats with Tehsin Bhayani, the Founder and CEO of Serind Labs and AirMason. Besides sharing what it takes to be a successful business owner, Tehsin shares some of his mistakes and lessons learned. He also shares the stories of his two companies, how and why he promoted remote work even before COVID, and how reading ''Who'' can help you hire successfully.
Check out the show notes at https://kinsta.com/podcast/service-company-to-product-company/

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