Unity & Struggle (Pt.2): Primitive Accumulation and the Social Construction of Race


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This is the second installment in our new and ongoing collaboration with Unity and Struggle. This Rev Left mini-series will trace and engage with the development of Unity and Struggle's deep study of race through the lens of Marxist historical and dialectical materialism. In this second edition, Breht is joined by Eve and Kei to cover primitive accumulation and its role in constructing race and racism.

Check out, and contribute to, Unity and Struggle's study here: http://www.unityandstruggle.org/2019/11/racestudypart1/

Check out more from Unity and Struggle here: http://www.unityandstruggle.org/

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Intro Clip from The Michael Brooks Show ft. Richard Wolff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLRWDft8VZc

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