Rewild Wellness with Lea Pickard


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Rewild Wellness is your wild medicine for the modern world, a podcast for the beautiful dreamer, wellness warrior, and sweet soul who simply wants to feel at home in their body - to be healthy . . . body, mind + spirit. Medical anthropologist, yogi, and lifelong learner, host Lea Pickard brings together the science and soul behind finally reclaiming your health + well-being. Modern life has left us feeling overwhelmed, tired, and disconnected from ourselves, the moment, and one another. But we’re meant to have boundless energy, endless passion, deep presence, and meaningful connection. So it’s time for a paradigm shift: Let’s return to your wild wisdom, peel away the layers of dis-ease, and find all the health and resilience you need already within you. If you’ve ever felt broken, crazy, or wondered ‘why is this happening to me?’...this is for you. Because you are whole, and you are not alone. Time to walk the divine path back to your true nature, back to your wildly vibrant health. This is your birthright. Let’s rewild!

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