Mirror Neurons, ShapeShifting & the Body Map - Simon Thakur #133


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Simon Thakur is the creator of Ancestral Movement — an approach to embodied practice aimed at radically transforming and expanding the sense of self, by exploring and rediscovering patterns of movement and awareness that are part of our species’ history, both recent and ancient.

In this episode, we explore how to open up the realm of infinite expression with our bodies through a basic understanding of mirror neurons, body-mapping, comparative anatomy and animal mimicry. While that might sound complex, Simon explains that "As we explore, we find that the body is full of layer upon layer of extraordinary, ancient, ancestral power – four billion years of adaptation and embodied knowledge – and we start to anchor this understanding of shared ancestry and vast evolutionary timescales in the actual feeling of the body itself."

Simon encourages us to become aware of the structural and behavioral similarities we share with other living creatures through developing our sense of empathy and body awareness. We also discuss the current status of the Australian indigenous lifeway and how to learn to understand the language of nature. Tune into this fascinating conversation with Simon Thakur to learn more about the possibilities of your own human animal.

  • Show introduction:
    • Exciting new SurThrival products in the works
    • What Daniel has been up to this winter
    • Upcoming spring hunting and gathering pursuits
    • Green iguana hunting in the Florida Keys
    • Conservation through use + finding mentors in the hunting & gathering world
    • Recent interview with Luke Storey on The Life Stylist Podcast
    • Starting back up with the ReWild Yourself Podcast Q&A
    • Find A Spring's new mobile-friendly website
    • Recapping on the A New Path Book Club
  • Introducing Simon Thakur
  • What Simon’s been up to lately
  • What led Simon to ReWilding
  • The current status of the Australian indigenous life way
  • Learning to understand the language of nature
  • How to get started integrating into your local ecology
  • Mirror neurons, empathy and comparative anatomy
  • Opening up the realm of infinite expression with the body
  • Working with Simon
  • Simon’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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