Why I Eat Wild - Daniel Vitalis #147


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Why do I eat wild? There are many reasons behind my choice to eat wild and many levels at which this question can be answered.

Eating food is perhaps the most intimate act we perform, as my friend and regular podcast guest Arthur Haines so eloquently expresses in his lectures. The food — the organisms — you eat literally becomes your body. And, as we know, the dietary choices we make have vast implications on our environment as well as ourselves. Food, and where it comes from, reaches right to the heart of what it means to be human. Our dietary choices today deeply impact the future generations to come. Knowing this, it’s so important to be conscientious about the food we consume and how we choose to interact with our interconnected web of ecology.

In my first solo episode of the season, I unpack what eating wild — and living a modern hunter-gatherer lifestyle — means to me personally.

  • Show Introduction:
    • Hunt + Gather Updates: Black locust flower, Cattail shoots, Mackerel
    • New anthropological evidence pushing sapiens back to 300,000 years old
  • The Preamble
    • Choosing and building your lifestyle
    • The modern human
    • Staying human
    • Self-mastery
    • What is food?
  • Why I Eat Wild
    • Species diversity and experiencing novelty
    • Walking humbly on the earth
    • Natural population limiter
    • Participating in the interconnected web of ecology

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