001 - How To Build A Simple Tech Plan In Under A Day!


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This week, in episode 1 of my Rewired for Success podcast, I share lots of great tips and advice on how to build a simple tech plan in under a day.

Sounds crazy right? I can assure you it’s not. Let me explain.

Businesses don’t run on technology alone

Firstly, we need to remind ourselves that businesses don’t run on technology alone. There are many businesses that seem so focused on technology that it may feel like decisions are dictated by the technology.

However, when it comes to making decisions, we need to bring our focus away from the technology.

Technology wouldn’t exist without people

Do you see a new shiny piece of technology, or an all singing, all dancing piece of software and you simply have to have it?

Stop! Hold back on the urge and look at your overall tech strategy.

It’s really important to steer clear of making irrational technology decisions.

All businesses need customers and money coming in, of course. But, there are three key ingredients that make up any successful business.

  1. The best people

Without people there is no knowledge in your business. You need the right people doing the right roles.

  1. The best processes

This is your DNA. It’s what makes your business unique and what glues your business together. This is where you delight your customers

  1. The best tools

Your technology. Select the right tools for the job.

It’s all about timing. Bringing in the right people, tools and processes at the right time.

If you are starting out and you want to set up a good foundation for growth, then they are the three key areas to look at.

How can you put a simple plan together?

It’s important to look at this from an internal and external perspective. Internally is what I’m focusing on in this article (people, processes and tools). External would be more about how your customer views you and your business and how can you provide a better service (something I’m going to focus on in future articles, videos and podcast episodes).

I have a 5 step process for developing a plan in a day and it goes like this…

  1. Select somebody who you trust who is not in your business – e.g. a mentor, trusted advisor, potentially even a customer
  2. Set-up interviews between them and the members of your team – if you are a solopreneur this can be a 1:1 meeting with you. If you have 5-10 people then everyone should be interviewed. If you have over 10 people then 50-80% of people should be interviewed
  3. Ask them to ask the following three questions

What is their biggest challenge?

How would they do it differently?

What is holding them back?

Repeat until they run out of ideas – 20-30 minutes per person

  1. Don’t get stuck in technology – look for patterns in the processes
  2. Create a list and rank it in importance

Important tip: Make sure you create the right environment for people to feel comfortable sharing.

You now have the start of a scale-up tech plan.

Take one item from your list, starting at the top, and implement each week. This may involve just doing one different thing each week.

Resist the urge to invest in tech

First and foremost, resist the urge to invest in tech. First off make changes involving your people and processes. Potentially tweak your software but don’t invest in new technology. We don’t want to make costly mistakes.

Do not be that business that invested in new technology then it crashed and burnt and you lived to regret it.

By following my process, you may not get to all of the answers but you will understand your business better and you’ll be one step closer to making the right technology decisions.

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