Christian Christmas song and a hoodie to go along


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A Christian Christmas song or a hoodie? Get both!

It’s the middle of November 2018 as I write this, so you know what that means…right? Yeah, Christmas! At least, if you’re tuned in to retail shopping, advertising, and just about anything else. I remember seeing some Christmas ornaments and fake trees on display back before Halloween. So, there’s no doubt about it, tis the season. In that spirit, I’m sharing a Christian Christmas song I wrote, but there’s a catch…

Get a true christian christmas song and a hoodie to go along

This Christian Christmas song comes in a hoodie.

I love this song. You might think that sounds a little conceited, since I wrote it, but I can’t help it. I do love this song. It’s called “I Believe in the God of Christmas”. And the emphasis should be on the the word “The”. There’s only one true God of Christmas. And He is a real person. It’s so important to emphasize that I wrote a song about it. And now I’ve created some merch to go with it. Like this hoodie…

Get your very own Black God of Christmas Hoodie and I'll send you the matching song.

When you get your own hoodie, email me some proof…either a copy of the receipt (including your credit card info…Just kidding) or a picture of you wearing it. When you do, I’ll send you the matching true Christian Christmas song. There aren’t many of those to be found. Deal of the century…right?! Well, maybe deal of the minute.

Anyway…happy holiday shopping and I hope this helps keep the reason for the season near and dear to your heart.

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Be sure to share this with everyone you know. And don’t be surprised if they get mad at you for it.

Stay tuned,

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Christian Christmas song and a hoodie to go along

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