Christian music artists sing messages about nothing


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Where are the whole Jesus
Christian music artists?

I just watched part of a Hillsong “praise music” song included in a video news clip and I just about got a toothache from the sugar-coated message. Before I explain, I’d like to point out the vocals were very good. And the singers looked sincere. Raised up arms and hands. Swaying back and forth in time to the music, etc. So, I’m not questioning or judging their hearts. But as I’ve noticed with so many Christian music artists, their song’s message lacked the actual manly power of God. And our Creator is the most manly man ever, so to only sing about peace, love, and joy is to rob the world of the whole Jesus. [update: this is the Christmas episode of the Rhyme & Reason Podcast]

Christian music artists sing messages about nothing.

Christian music artists used to sing about God’s might, strength, and judgment.

Now the message is so watered down even the most anti-God atheist wouldn’t feel uncomfortable singing along. So many “praise and worship” songs sound like any other love song on top 40 radio. And if your Christian music never makes anybody uncomfortable, you’re replacing the meat with sugar.

Today’s popular “Christian songs” simply leave out the I-wanna-do-it-all-night lyrics and replace them with something less secular. But many of them are so secularized they might as well be sung by Justin Bieber or Arianna Grande…or fill in the blank with a celebrity singer du jour.

A friend of mine recently posted, on social media, how “wimpy praise music” has replaced the “onward Christian soldiers” Christian music of the past. And I’ve seen her ask “where are the real Christian men?”

She knows they’re out there. But she and I both know their numbers have sadly dwindled in the past two or three decades. Christian music artists on the radio, and in churches, seem to prefer to sing only the “safe messages”. The messages about peace, love, joy, and beauty. And while Jesus is the source of all those, there is SO much more to Him.

When Jesus returns, it won’t be for a group hug.

The Bible says Jesus will rule and reign for a thousand years…and with a “rod of iron”. Does that sound like peace, love, and joy? It doesn’t even sound nice.

But I thought God is the God of love?! Isn’t that what Jesus taught?

Yes, And no. Love is not the whole message. And love is not the only emotion your Creator feels. Gasp! How dare I say that in this day and age?! How I dare say it is based on what God tells us about Himself in that famous book He wrote. The Bible shows the whole Jesus. And, as one of those Christian music artists I keep talking about, I say it’s important to sing and write songs about the whole Jesus.

So come on, Christian singers and songwriters. Let’s work a lot more on transforming the world…and a lot less on being conformed to it.

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Christian music artists sing messages about nothing

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