Current events don’t always make sense


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Current events – a bumpy ride

Back in 19(%*#) oops, sorry. My signal dropped out. Anyway, during my college days back then I remember an assignment in one of the classes where we were asked to write an article about a current events “issue”. We were told to “take a stand” either FOR or AGAINST the issue. I lived (and attended college) in Western Kansas, and an “issue” at the time was whether or not the state should require helmets for motorcyclists. I wrote about that.

Why current events just don’t make sense

Laws should not be based on current events.

When I wrote that last sentence, I almost wrote “made” instead of “based”. Then, I quickly remembered…human beings cannot make laws. So we certainly can’t (and shouldn’t) pass laws based on current events. True laws…the unchanging, moral code for human behavior…can only be “made” by God. The best we humans can do is provide explanations of those laws to people who haven’t read (or don’t read) what God says about life.

But to get back to my story…

I wrote an article against enacting laws to require motorcyclists to wear helmets. And my “stand” shared statistics like how the overwhelming majority of motorcyclists, who didn’t wear helmets, weren’t dying of head injuries. And I could share other stats, but that old article is not my point.

My point is…current events are like feelings.

Feelings change. Thank God. And so do current events. That’s why they’re called “current”. What happened last year, at this same time, might have nothing to do with what’s going on in your life today. And it’s vitally important to focus on the time you’re actually IN. NOW. Today.

Yesterday is a vapor whisked away by a whirlwind. You’ll never get it back. Don’t even try.

And attempting to “make” laws based on what happened yesterday is an exercise in futility. You can never “make” enough laws to make people do right.

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Current events don’t always make sense

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