Drifting sands distant lands and the rhythm in my hands


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Drifting sands are rhythm in my hands

This morning, like too many mornings this year, I woke up before getting enough sleep. And I’m dealing with some issues that restful, recuperative sleep would help. So, of course, I decided to wallow in my misery and make a list of all the things people better watch out for around me today. Not! No, I started thinking about some of the lullabies for kids I’ve written. And I wondered if any of them would help ME sleep. Then, Drifting Sands popped into my head.

Drifting sands, distant lands, and the rhythm in my hands

As you listen to or read the lyrics, notice the rhythm. Every sentence in each verse has four syllables. And the chorus has a calming one-two-three, one-two-three-four-five beat. So each of those lines equals two lines of the verses. Until you get to the last line in the chorus. Then, with the word “And” that line becomes the only one with an odd number of syllables.

Rhyme and reason are vitally important to me. And the rhythm in the rhymes is too. It’s no small thing because we humans are complex designs with rhythm in our hearts. Our systems function like clockwork. Better than clockwork because they function without us even having to think about them. Except when outside forces and age and lifestyle choices affect us. But that’s another story.

As you can see, not enough sleep can get you pondering perplexities. So, I’ll just leave you with these last thoughts (and the lyrics to the song)…

Drifting Sands

Daytime flew by…
Time for shut-eye…
Night winds whisper…
Air gets crisper.
What will make you
Sleep and take you
Through this long night…
Into daylight?

Drifting sands…desert dreamtime calls.
Drifting sands…sound like waterfalls.
Leave your cares in the angels’ hands,
And drift to sleep on the drifting sands.

Live oaks creaking…
Night birds peeking…
Daydreams fading…
Shadows shading…
What will guide you,
Sometimes hide you
From harm to sleep…
Slumber so deep?

Chorus…inst…last part of 1st verse…chorus

© 2011 Tony Funderburk (July 9)

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Drifting sands distant lands and the rhythm in my hands

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