Gas giants prove how Earth got its groove


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Gas giants (not the political ones)

What do Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have in common? Besides being cool to look at through telescopes and space probe pictures, they’re all known as gas giants. (yeah, like most politicians) And that means they’re considered low density and made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. It’s good to know what they’re made of because that helps us know how Earth got its groove.
Gas giants prove how Earth got its groove.
Some scientists like to say planets are attracted to one another. (If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?) They call it “mutual gravitational attraction”. And they say planets actually formed because of their mutual attraction. But that ain’t how it happened. (gasp!)

Gas giants spin and their gases stay in.

Scientists, who are looking for answers instead of forcing results into their worldview, have done experiments on colliding particles and gases. And guess what? They found how those particles almost always break up instead of forming into something bigger. But Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are mostly hydrogen and helium. So how did they form if mutual gravitational attraction doesn’t add up? How do those gases keep their beautiful forms instead of falling apart as they spin through the solar system?
Well, they didn’t evolve. That’s for sure.
Of course, you’ve got to be willing to look at the evidence and go where it takes you instead of having a foregone destination conclusion…like evolution, or even creationism. But, when you look closely at the gas giants in our solar system, you can see design. They make sense. And they’re spinning through our solar system, and through the galaxy without falling apart. (more than I can say for those gas bags in Congress, but I digress)

How is that possible?

Experiments show how gases dissipate quickly in the vacuum of outer space. Especially hydrogen and helium. And wait a minute! Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are mostly hydrogen and helium! What?!
It’s all just so contradictory. Unless you open your eyes to the possibility of design. Look at the beautiful designs of those gas giants sitting farther out in our solar system. Then, consider how those works of art might have had an artist. Design suggests, implies, and points to a designer. Simple, logical deduction.

But it’s not so simple if you don’t wanna go where that leads. To your Creator God. He didn’t force any mutual gravitational attraction on you. So, you don’t have to believe in Him or trust Him or get to know Him. But He’s optimistic and hopes you will. I hope so, too. Before you become dust and gases and discover it’s too late. Before you dissipate into an eternity of despair over what could have been. Since you’re reading this, it’s not too late. God’s grace can still be yours for the keeping. And He’ll hold all your particles together forever.

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Gas giants prove how Earth got its groove

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