I might be right when I shed this light


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I might be right. Hey, I’ve been right before.

Any time you and I disagree on something, there’s the possibility (even if it’s only a tiny one) I might be right. At least from our limited human perspectives that’s true. You might think I’m wrong about something. And I might think your opposite opinion is wrong. But then…there’s the truth. The truth won’t be wrong. And if I’m on the side of truth, I’m right. Right?

I might be right when I shed this light.

Billy Joel had a hit song, back in 1980 called “You May Be Right”.

I remember covering that song many times during my live performance career days. The reason I bring it up is because it had these lines…

Turn out the light
Don’t try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
You may be right.

That kind of sums up the way the world wants to deal with guys like me. “Turn out the light. Don’t try to save me.” Or as my Dad used to say, “Don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind’s made up.”

Any argument or disagreement can either lead to solutions and agreement or worse problems and separation. But there’s nothing in life more important than where you’re headed when you die. I say there’s a Heaven and a hell, and that we’re all gonna be in one place or the other. Others say there’s only an endless void. And no matter how much you disagree with me, I might be right. So…

What If I’m Right?

You think it’s wrong to talk of only one Way.
Live and let live is something you always say.
How could there be a God who no one can see?
When bad things happen, you say “Where can He be?”

You want some proof; maybe a word or a sign
That our existence could be all by design.
I say the proof is in the feel of a song.
But it’s invisible so you say I’m wrong.

But what if I’m right? What if it’s true
All of these things I’ve been sayin’ to you?
What if you die and it’s not the end?
What if your life is nothing you can defend?
You think I’m wrong…and that I don’t walk in the light,
But what if I’m right?

So many people living inside a dream
Making a choice that even God won’t redeem.
I say choose Jesus because this life’s not long.
You say it’s nonsense, and you tell me I’m wrong.

But what if I’m right?

© 2008 Tony Funderburk

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I might be right when I shed this light

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