Living technology should make you say golly gee


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Living technology – Yeah, it’s a real thing!

For the past week or two, each morning when I’m waking up with my first cups of coffee, I’ve been watching hummingbirds outside the front windows. They’re one of the smallest, yet one of the most amazing, birds around. It’s so cool how they can fly so fast and yet seem to stop on a dime in midair and hover above a blossom. I call it “cool”. But it’s also known as living technology. Whatever it’s called, it’s a blast to watch those tiny birds darting through the air. How dey do dat?

Living technology should make you say Golly, gee.

So, what’s the big deal about living technology?

Thanks for asking. It’s a big deal because it’s all around you. It’s even IN you. And the world’s best designers, research and development teams, and scientists can’t copy it. They spend tons of time and money studying living technology, and the best they can do is come up with clunkier versions of it which need consistent upgrades.

Just imagine, for a minute, millions of microscopic motors inside your cells. Guess what? You don’t have to imagine them because they’re very real, and they’re IN you right now. In every cell. And you’ve probably heard about sonar systems in dolphins and whales, right? Or how about FM radar in bats? And, of course, I gotta add the amazing aerodynamic abilities of those beautiful hovering hummingbirds.

Those highly advanced technologies (and more) have been around for thousands of years before your favorite smartphone. One more I’d like to add is your body’s ability to repair itself. Where do you think you would be if your body couldn’t do that? Hmm…dead comes to mind.

You know what’s really a big deal?

So many people, most in fact, can look at or read about living technology and still say it all happened accidentally. Yeah, right. Hummingbirds just got lucky in the evolutionary process and developed abilities to stop in midair in a split second. Sure, that makes sense. Not. C’mon, how many hummingbirds had to crash and burn as their little systems “evolved” a better way to fly? And how would crashing and burning benefit the little guys? Short answer…it wouldn’t.

For a more logical answer, you should understand life just like you understand your smartphone. You should know, without even having to think about it, how it didn’t happen by accident. Nothing complicated happens accidentally. Chance only creates chaos. Designers create designs. You and I are designs. God is the designer. Any questions?

Moving Like A Hummingbird

Smell the freshness of the morning air.
Hear the morning bird’s sweet song.
Just forget the things you’ve got to do.
Throw them all aside and come along.

Love is moving like a hummingbird…
Never landing in one place.
If you’re quick enough, hold on.
I know you’ll find a place.

Learn all about the strength of gentleness.
You’ve always held the power in your heart.
Don’t let the negatives deter you now.
To let go now would tear your life apart.

Love is moving like a hummingbird.
Drink of the nectar it provides.
If you desire, it will stay awhile.
Try now to softly close your eyes…I know…
You’ll find the secret place it hides.

Love is moving like a hummingbird.
Let me ride upon its back.
Take me to the place of happiness.
I’ll go, and maybe I’ll never come back.

© 1979 Tony Funderburk

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Living technology should make you say golly gee

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