Love birds songs and sing alongs


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Love Birds Songs

I love birds. Always have. And love birds songs. Love those, too. All the beautiful colors, the rustling of the wings, and certainly their ability to fly. Wow! Birds are amazing, sparkling creatures. God makes cool stuff.

Love birds songs And sing alongsLove birds, songs, candy, romance. Huh?

How did Valentine’s Day get to be a thing? I don’t mean the actual history of how it started? I mean, how did it get to be such a chocolate-filled, dining-out, romantic getaway thing?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against buying loved ones special gifts to show your love. Far from it. But do we really need a “special day” for it? My postulation (which is correct, by the way) has always been that the essence of Valentine’s Day should be shared every day. Repeat…every day. Not the same way every day. But every day nevertheless.

”But Tony,” you say. “What does this have to do with love birds songs?” Well, in the first place…thank you for getting me back on track. And, in the second place…not much.


This week contains that infamous holiday, Valentine’s Day. So, I’m gonna share a song or two I sold on a CD compilation a while back: “All For Love”. But you’ll have to tune in to the Rhyme and Reason Podcast to hear ‘em.

I wrote these love birds songs way, way back in my full-time musician days. And I remixed ‘em, more recently, and served up with an acoustic style. This first one is called…

All For Love

Sitting by the lake
Sipping on a drink
The wind is blowing by
And it makes me stop and think

A metaphoric day
And a melancholy night
I’m always in a battle
And I never win the fight

So why do I try? Why do I persist?
What could I be thinking of?
I’ll tell you why; it’s the reason I exist.
I do it all for love…I do it all for love.

All for love…
That elusive commodity
All for love…
That perpetual oddity.
I do it all for…I do it all for…I do it all for love.

Sitting by the fire
Staring at the stars
It’s pleasant times like this
That keep me up to par

But somewhere back at home
It’s another kind of night
Someone else is in a battle
And they seldom win the fight.

So why do we try? Why do we persist?
What could we be thinking of?
I’ll tell you why; it’s the reason we exist.
We do it all for love…we do it all for love.

Repeat chorus to end

© 1984___2019 Tony Funderburk

Stay tuned,

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Love birds songs and sing alongs

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