Make America great again – you think it’s great? Where have you been?


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Can we make America great again?

I’m not a Donald Trump fanboy. I didn’t vote for him. Or any of his republican rivals or his democratic opponent in the presidential election. Just want you to know that up front. But I do like the slogan, Make America Great Again. It’s a noble cause. However, no matter how much the president means it when he says it, I doubt he’ll be able to carry it out. So, I’d like to give him (and you) the benefit of my doubt.

Make America great again - it's just a slogan

First…America’s greatness is not found in money.

According to many stats, surveys, and other sources of information, America’s economy has improved since Donald Trump took office. That’s nice. But not great. Because, during the almost two years he’s been president, Trump has signed checks to Planned Parenthood for a total of about half a billion dollars. That’s most definitely not great.

Picture America as one, big family. Dad took a new job, and he’s making a lot more money. And he’s bringing home presents every week. But he doesn’t keep his family safe. In fact, some of his kids have already been killed by evil men. So Dad just works harder to bring home more money. I know that’s an absurd analogy. But I’m illustrating the absurdity of judging America’s greatness based on bank accounts.

Make America Great Again and start by protecting the most innocent citizens.

If our economy is flourishing, wouldn’t it be a great idea to take some of that wealth and protect babies? I mean, that seems so obvious to me. In fact, it wouldn’t require extra governmental spending. No new taxes. Just stop taking money from hard-working Americans and giving it to organizations and institutions that kill babies. Use those billions of dollars to protect America from predators, improve roads, and create an unbelievably awesome communication infrastructure.

It’s important to realize America is already a socialist nation. Not a republic or democracy. Socialist. Plain and simple. When you forcibly take from working citizens and give it to non-working or barely working citizens, that’s a socialist action. And when elections and high offices are won based on how many social programs are supported, that needs to go in the loss column. It’s not great. It’s criminal.

If you love President Trump, you’ll pray for him…sure. But you’ll also let him know you don’t support him signing those checks to abortion organizations. You can’t support those anti-God actions and love Trump at the same time. That’s not the way to Make America Great Again.

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Make America great again – you think it’s great? Where have you been?

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