Mother’s Day 2019 before after and in between


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Mother’s Day 2019

Each year I share a list of things moms do to earn their adulation on their special day. Mother’s Day 2019 is no different…except you can also hear the audio version of this on my Rhyme and Reason Podcast. Otherwise, thanks again Mom. And thanks again moms.

Mother's Day 2019

To all of you ladies who “took one for the team” as you…

  • Withstood the months of pregnancy
  • Withstood the pains of childbirth
  • Fed your babies when they cried at 3 a.m.
  • Fixed “boo boos”
  • Kissed away pain
  • Hugged away frowns
  • Cooked breakfasts, made lunches, and prepared dinners
  • Washed clothes even after laundry was all done
  • Taught truth, hope, and love…and readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic
  • Fought tangled hair, torn pants, and missing shoestrings
  • Remembered birthdays with just the right proportion of chocolate icing to vanilla ice cream
  • Listened to stories of triumph, tragedy, and utter despair (mostly from teenage girls)
  • Made or bought costumes for every goofy event imaginable
  • Went to plays, sporting events, and music presentations…cheering for that one child who was obviously the natural born talent
  • Brought the “something borrowed” or “something blue” to the bride-to-be just at the right time
  • Danced the mother/son dance with the groom who had been her dragonslayer only “weeks ago” it seems
  • Made special homemade desserts for the kids and grandkids when they came over for Thanksgiving
  • Brought an elegant grace to the process of aging
  • Made us believe there’s a forever, a God who loves us, and a knowledge that we’ll have eternity in paradise

Thanks moms, for everything you’ve done, you’re doing now, and ever will do to make sure your kids are loved.

Stay tuned,

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Mother’s Day 2019 before after and in between

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