Sanctity of life stirs up hatred and strife


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Recalling thoughts on the sanctity of life

A few years ago, on another website I used to own I shared a song about the sanctity of life. And I mentioned how many people say they celebrate tolerance and diversity. But they don’t include Christians in their diversity scheme. Sadly, this same behavior is still going on with no end in sight. Below is what I shared and how one of those tolerance and diversity people responded…
Sanctity of life stirs up hatred and strife.

Talking about the sanctity of life actually stirs up hatred in some people.

~ I just recently started my new iTunes podcast. And after it was live for only a couple of days I received an email telling me that what we Christians do (or I should say what he thinks we do) is a “relic of superstition and reptilian brain thinking and must go”. That’s his way of celebrating diversity and showing extreme tolerance for beliefs different from his own. Right?

So typical…that those who spout off the most about tolerance and diversity are the least tolerant and diversified. Here’s the email in its entirety. I’d love to read your comments and thoughts about this type of lashing out.

“People without a rich and deep inner life are the ones who try so desperately to change things outside themselves. This archetype is portrayed by Agent Smith in The Matrix. If you watch The Matrix Reloaded you will notice that Agent Smith has duplicated himself over and over again until there are thousands of him. That’s what the distorted version of Christianity seeks to do as well, to try to make everyone just like them. The effects of this can be easily discerned if one is willing to open one’s mind and see that what is happening in the world today is actually a result of religious abuse and control. Religion has become a self policing system of controls and dominance, maintained by it’s members, and imposed on anyone who is not “for them”.

Any religion that teaches it’s ok to kill in the name of God is absolutely and totally useless. Divide and conquer is a relic of superstition and reptilian brain thinking and must go. God is much much bigger than all that. It’s time for you to grow up Spiritually, to come from love instead of fear, and to allow others to choose for themselves. God did not die and leave you in charge.”

That’s a fac, Jack.

No, God did not die and leave me in charge. But Jesus DID die, rose again, and gave a man named (renamed) Paul a new message to share with everyone. And that’s a message of eternal salvation for anybody who asks for it. God leaves Christians, His “body” on Earth, in charge of sharing that message.

Now, seriously…do you really want to spend your valuable time being mad at me for sharing a message of eternal life?

Yeesh…some people. You express your pro life views and how you value the sanctity of life. And you give away free tunes. You even post a tribute video to a special little girl who lost her battle with cancer at the age of two…and yet you get an email expressing utter disdain toward your “religion”. That happened to me. It happens to Christians all the time.

It’s uncanny how those who are in rebellion against God can take so much time out of their lives to tell Christians “what for”. Even when we’ve decided to leave them alone, not evangelize them, and hope someone else can water the seeds we’ve sown. Know what I mean?

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Sanctity of life stirs up hatred and strife

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