Thinking about thinking – what have you been drinking?


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Thinking about thinking

Now, there’s a thought for you. Thinking about thinking. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few minutes because of what I read in a book called “In The Beginning” by Dr. Walt Brown. It’s THE best science book you’ve probably never read. And most so-called “scientists” would never dare to read. Why? Because it presents science with a bias toward truth and where evidence actually leads. Not simply a regurgitation of debunked evolutionary theories. And this morning I read a section, in the book, talking about the “validity of thought”. And as they say these days…mind blown.

Thinking about thinking - what have you been drinking?

Thinking about thinking while theories are sinking

Consider what Dr. Brown said about thoughts, “If life is the result of natural processes or chance, then so is thought. Your thoughts—including what you are thinking now—would ultimately be a consequence of a long series of irrational causes. Therefore, your thoughts would have no validity, including the thought that life is a result of chance or natural processes.”

So what do you think about your thoughts now? Well, I encourage you to read the whole section in Dr. Brown’s book. You’ll see it’s not a mere expressed opinion of his. In fact, it’s so incredibly well thought out and illustrated, I can’t imagine anyone thinking the same way about evolution after reading it.

But I’m sure the masses, devoted to hating God and finding any excuse to shove Him out of their lives, will completely dismiss the evidence. As always.

Why is this important to think about?

While it might seem like it’s just another excuse to use my rhyming style (and it IS), it’s more than that, of course. Thinking about thinking takes you closer to your Creator, if you allow it. Your rational thoughts could never in a million years (or billion or trillion or any other illion) come from irrational processes.

But your rational thoughts COULD come from a rational designer. Especially if that designer created you to have a loving and eternal relationship with Him. And He did.

If you’re reading or listening to this, and you still haven’t considered the evidence for the one true, living, loving God in the Bible, consider it today. Hit the links. Read the information. See if it gets you thinking about thinking.

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Thinking about thinking – what have you been drinking?

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