Toxic masculinity and hatred for divinity


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Toxic masculinity – a cunning, conniving label

Some would say…check that…many would say…check that…most would say, if given the opportunity, I suffer from toxic masculinity. That’s a label, until recently, I hadn’t heard before. And it’s a clever (translate: cunning and conniving) label. Because most people realize when something’s toxic, it’s bad. So, whoever came up with “toxic masculinity” probably spent a little time plotting things out. I give ’em credit for being clever. But I subtract all points and give them a zero for being against God.

Toxic masculinity and hatred for divinity

Toxic masculinity is actually oxymoronic.

Being masculine is good. In fact, speaking as a man (because, without a doubt, I am one) I can say masculinity is awesome! Of course, being toxic (poisonous, unpleasant, and other synonyms) is bad. As chance would have it, I’m dealing with a toxic issue in my own life, but it has nothing to do with being masculine.

Anyway…just because you were born a male doesn’t mean you’re suffering or will suffer from toxic masculinity. In fact, when you get right down to it, that label is a non sequitur. (for recovering public school grads that means: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement). Masculinity can never, and will never, make you toxic. Being stupid and hating God CAN and WILL make you toxic. And that’s not just for guys.

Women can be toxic, too.

“Gasp! Did he just say what it sounded like he said?!”

Yes, women can be toxic, and it has absolutely zero to do with their femininity. So, there’s also no toxic femininity. Just in case there’s someone out there working on that plan.

Your personal toxicity comes from rejecting Divinity.

Not all people who turn their backs on God are toxic. At least not outwardly. Many atheists are generous, soft-hearted, and even seem to care about their fellow man (yes, I said man to describe all humans, so sue me). I’ve known some atheists who seemed to have more love in their hearts than some Christians I’ve known. But getting back to that whole “toxic” thing…atheists might not be outwardly toxic, but they ARE toxic to God.

Sure, that sounds harsh. The truth often does. But even if you hate God right now…or you just don’t believe He exists… you don’t have to end up as toxic waste for eternity. You can be dunked in a cleaning solution and come out feeling like a new man. Or woman. Because you’ll be one.

Don’t buy into all that toxic masculinity label stuff. If you’re a man, be masculine. Be strong. And don’t be afraid to be stronger than women. Not so you can dominate them. So you can protect them. Care for them. Watch over them and give them at least a little sense of security. It’s a God-created hierarchy. Embrace it. Don’t deny the role God gave you. When you accept your Creator’s designing ways, you can live toxin free forever.

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Toxic masculinity and hatred for divinity

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