Watered down truth is so uncouth


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Watered down truth

I’m gonna share the watered down truth with you…but in a good way. “There’s a good way to share watered down truth?” you ask. Yes. And stick with me ’cause it’s purty interstin’. (misspelled on purpose to give it character)

Watered down truth is so uncouth

If you’re an adult (or at least resemble one in physical size and stature) you probably already know there’s a lot of water on our planet. In fact, Earth is about 70% covered in water. That’s almost three-fourths! And that means only about one fourth of the planet is made of something you can walk around on. Unless you’re Jesus.

So how did our planet get so watered down?

Evolution says our planet was formed from a swirling cloud of dust and gas. But if that’s the case, then almost no water should be found “within 5 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. (1 AU is the average Earth-Sun distance.)” as Dr. Walt Brown described it. That’s because the sun would have been able to vaporize and and solar winds would send it to the four corners of the universe. (my completely unique description)

And yet, the fact that we have so much water on our little, blue planet is undeniable. But where did so much water come from? Referring to Dr. Walt Brown again…he presents the most viable explanation you’re going to find. He calls it the “hydroplate theory”. Here’s a great video to help explain it (it’s long, so make some popcorn and enjoy).

Don’t drink the watered down science koolaid.

And don’t take my word for it. Or even the word of scientists. Test the evidence. See where it leads. Let it take you to truth. And my guess is, that’ll take you to THE Truth. In the case of the hydroplate theory, it’s the watered down Truth. Am I uncouth for saying so?

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Watered down truth is so uncouth

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