What is love? Not a glove


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What is love? The trillion dollar question

I guess Valentine’s Day (tomorrow, as I write this) has a lot of people asking that age old question: What is love? It’s only natural to ask, I suppose, since it’s not something you can see, smell, hear, taste, or hold in your hand.

What is love? Well, it's not a glove.

What do I mean, when I say what is love…not a glove?

You can go just about anywhere, including online, and get yourself a good pair of gloves. And when you get a good fit, you won’t even think about it. You’ll just put ’em on, and they’ll fit…like a glove…so to speak. No second guessing. Certainly no hassles, unless you lose one.

But love isn’t like a glove. You don’t just fall in love and it fits. It needs constant adjusting and attention. Love has no “one-size-fits-all” option like some gloves do. In fact, you’ll discover, over the course of your life, how your love will go through many changes. Young love, for example, is full of emotional passion and is too often confused with and mixed with unrequited lust. Add some years to your life and you’ll notice you become much more focused and intentional about it.

As your time on earth shortens, you should begin to see…if you haven’t already…love is like the old song says, “a many splendored thing”. Love kisses your forehead when you’re sleeping. It brings you a bowl of hot soup when you’re sick. Love lets you know when you’ve said more than you should. It cleans up the broken glass you dropped.

Love is an understanding ear opposed to a demanding mouth. It lifts up instead of lashing out. Love is a compliment instead of complaint. It searches for solutions instead of pointing out problems. Love is found in kindness, not candy. And it endures, engages, and expects.

Love is the smallest, most gigantic force there is.

You wouldn’t exist it it weren’t for love. And THAT love flows from your Creator. If you don’t believe in your Creator, you don’t believe in love. And if that’s the case, no amount of candy, cards, romantic dinners, or romantic getaways will ever bring you love.

Here’s to a truly Happy Valentine’s Day.

Holding Out For The Dream

Smiling eyes and rosy lips
I’m waiting for the rhythm of those fingertips…through my hair.
Day and night I act it out.
No one else is sure of what I’m all about…but I don’t care…

Because I’m holding out for…I’m holding out for…
I’m holding out for the dream.

Violet skies and mountain tops…
I’m waiting for the kind of love that never stops…never dies.

A sailing ship; a crystal sea…
No one understands this inner part of me…this paradise.

I’m holding out for…I’m holding out for…
I’m holding out for the dream.

Sometimes the dream is the only thing…that sees me through.
Sometimes it seems it’s the only thing that I can do.

Quiet talk; a crackling fire.
I’m waiting for the kind of love that won’t expire…or fade away.

Instrumental…repeat chorus to end

© 1987 Tony Funderburk

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What is love? Not a glove

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