RunDMG's Gil David Talks E-Com Strategies, Fatal Financial Expectations, + LTRs vs Quick $$


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Check in for a chat with UK e-comm agency owner and Ireland’s first Facebook Marketing Partner, Gil David about the ins and outs of managing $5M to $6M a year on ads for e-commerce clients and brands including Telefonica, Kaspersky, Eton Shirts, Heidi Klein, Mous, David Meade Mindreader.
We’ll see how he squeezes every last penny out of successful copy and video that did well over 7-figures. Figure out the epic failure of a Fivver flop. And get his insights on the financial basics of staying in business during tricky times.
  • Why iterating on what works is huge -- and why so few have the discipline to do it.
  • The anti-ad content advertisers tend to put at the bottom of a funnel -- and why you shouldn’t.
  • What you MUST do with 25% of your revenue if you want to be viable long term.
  • Why the client/agency dynamic is deadly and how to deal with clients on these terms instead.
  • How to blend performance-based revenue with a retainer and still make out like a bandit.


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