Why You Need To Do Exactly the OPPOSITE of What Everyone Else is Doing


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Are you doing things your mom and dad told you to do? Do you have social mania and go off the cliff like everybody else in the herd?

Our guest, John Del Vecchio, says to you, “I would probably hold your hand and pray with you”.

John is an In-House Stock Market Guru, a Forensic Accountant (somebody who looks for the lies, cheats, and steals) for Dent Research. He is also author of a brand new book called “Unbounded Wealth”, dedicated to the mom and pop investor.

If you're doing what everybody else does, you'll get what everyone else gets - mediocre performance in the markets. You're not going to be in the top 1%. If you start to do the opposite, you have a better chance. Most people do the wrong thing at the wrong time, but John can help you to not get sucked in with the crowd!

Listen to this episode as we lay down how to break free and live a life on your own terms!

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