#109 - 14th March 2019 - Jungle Tekno Mix (All Vinyl Selection)


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A bit of a Basement Records / Sound Entity mash up on this one, taking some of my collection out on a run, old plates and new repress plates alike. Starting with some of the earlier pieces and moving along to the far more ingrained jungle tekno sound. A bit rough round the edges but I wanted to give it that early 90's mixtape feel (honest ;) )
Top Buzz - Living In Darkness
Hedgehog Affair - Oh Wow What A Rush
Hedgehog Affair - Second Rush
Kev Bird - This Is A Trip
Hedgehog Affair - Oh My God I'm A DJ
Kev Bird - Let's Turn It Out
Hedgehog Affair - Sounds Of House
Electronic Experienced - No303
Top Buzz - Maintain Her
Top Buzz - The Wok
Smooth But Hazzardous - Push Up The Levels
RonWellsJS - Alta Ignota
20 Hurtz - Hornz
DJ Mayhem - Damage
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - Rock To The Groove
Electronic Experienced - V-10 Overload
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - Unfriendly
DJ Mayhem - Metrix: The Remix
RonWellsJS & FudalWokit - This Is Jungle Techno Remix
RonWellsJS - August

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