#95 - 1st December 2018 - Moresounds Mix


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Moresounds puts out some quality music, I'm partial to the jungle influenced pieces, so here is a mix of a selection of his tracks/remixes that really do it for me. A bit of playing with the BPM to try and get all of them in and I did plan on adding a few more on the end, but screwed up after 'Shut Up', so left it there.
Call it footwork, Juke, slow Jungle.... whatever it is, its good music!
Moresounds - Reality Tune
Moresounds - Mutations Expert
Moresounds - Blood
Metafloor - Mo Power (Moresounds Remix)
Moresounds - Etho
Moresounds - Altercation
Moresounds - Warriah
Moresounds - Riddim Again
Moresounds - Gwan Fire
Ilk - Yes, Ruff! (Moresounds Remix)
Moresounds - Dead And Bury (ft. Fracture)
Sam Binga - Tek Nuh Chat ft. Redders (Moresounds Remix)
Moresounds - Warriah VIP
Moresounds - Rahstok
Moresounds - Pure Niceness
Moresounds - Shut Up

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