#239 Right at the Moment: Javier and Jael Canteras of Urdaneta


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Interview recorded on 31 March, 2020

We continue our Right at the Moment series with discussions of the impact of COVID-19 on the Portland food community with Javier and Jael Canteras of Spanish restaurant URDANETA. The most optimistic of those interviewed so far, Javier and Jael talk about the community and customer support they have received since closing the restaurant before trying take-out only. We'll discuss what they've learned and what they'll look at differently when the effects of the virus might be behind us. Also, chefs now doing cooking shows on Instagram, which in this case can be found at @urdanetapdx. Disclosure: Javier and Jael are collaborators/partners with RATF host Chris Angelus and his venture, Portland Food Adventures. They also discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the trips they do together to Spain. Please note that this series of podcasts is recording from host Chris Angelus' home using basic methods of recording the interviews. We look forward to getting back in the studio with co-host Cort Johnson.

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