#242 Right at the Moment: Renee Gorham of Toro Bravo, Inc


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Renee Gorham joins us for our ongoing COVID-19-driven Right at the Moment series to discuss the evolution of her restaurant group, Toro Bravo Inc, through this pandemic. Renee tells us how their first order of business was to make sure everyone was fed, including those in need, and their valued employees, and how that led to their new program, Feed it Forward PDX, whereby people can sponsor meals for people in need through one of four different charities. Also, for those interested in their restaurants' food, each week, each restaurant is rolling out take-out services and the Gorhams are figuring out their "new normal." This episode is a good listen in tandem with episode #235, where her husband John is interviewed just as the pandemic began shutting down their restaurants. Also recommended are other episodes with the Gorhams, starting with 120, 168, 181 and 228. Start here and then input the episode numbers in the search bar (or Gorham). Links: https://www.torobravoinc.com/feeditforward This episode was recorded April 11, 2020. Disclosure: Toro Bravo Inc is a sponsor of Right at the Fork.

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