#251 Chef Lex Grant - Trail Blazer Carmelo Anthony's Private Chef


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It's another two part interview with Chef Lex Grant, personal chef of famed NBA player Carmelo Anthony, and and owner of Eat Me Up Cuisine.

Part 1 was a conversation with Chef Lex in February 2020, about her upbringing in New Jersey, becoming a chef, and eventually the personal chef to one of the NBA's best known players. This interview was originally scheduled for release in March 2020, but was postponed due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 2 (starting around 1 hour and 10 minutes) took place in late June 2020, as Chef Lex prepares to travel to Orlando, Florida for the final games of the NBA season. Here, Chris talks with Chef Lex about what has happened over the past couple of months, the pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Follow Chef Lex on social media: @ChefLexGrant

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