Grant Haber: The Continuing Threat of IEDs and How to Deal With Them


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My guest on RIGHT IN DC is Grant Haber, one of America's foremost experts on IEDS (improvised explosive devices) and HME's (homemade explosives). He has spent his life in the field creating detection innovations that help save the lives of American troops and foreign troops throughout the world fighting for freedom. Haber has been involved with explosives detection, blast mitigation, and bomb containment technologies since 1998, and serving the law enforcement/ first responder community since 1995. His company, American Innovations, Inc., specializes in anti-terrorism solutions including detection of homemade explosives precursors and explosives detection. His training classes are used by military Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and non-EOD personnel, civilian bomb technicians, and police worldwide. We discussed • Why IEDs are the enemy's weapon of choice in their asymmetrical warfare against us • Why the threat of IEDs has not diminished but increased with 2018 being the highest year of IED fatalities since 2001 and IEDs being the • The fact that IEDs are the number one cause of US military, NATO and Afghanistan casualties • How the US can pull troops out of Afghanistan without creating a vacuum • How bureaucracy is undermining President Trump's plan to remove troops as well as failing the US military and taxpayers • The $5.9 Trillion dollar question of what American taxpayers have paid for as the result of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars • How the formation of ISIS had its roots in the inability to combat IEDs • Why it is so important to proactively go after the chemicals, the bulk materials that IEDs are made from • IED detection solutions MORE 845-371-3333 HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVES PRECURSORS, ATTACKING THE CORE OF THE IED THREAT A SIMPLIFIED AND EFFECTIVE CONOPS FOR DEFEATING IEDs Nitrate Fertilisers and Potassium Chlorate are common Homemade Explosives (HME) Precursors, aka bomb making ingredients, that comprise the main charge in most Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) today. Targeting these bulk materials is required to defeat this proliferating threat and lessen the devastating casualties they inflict. -- Follow Gayle Totter: Support Gayle's RIGHT IN DC Podcasts:

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