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My guest is Jim Pinkerton, a columnist, author and political analyst. You can read his work at the American Conservative and Breitbart. He's a grad of Stanford University and served on the White House staff under both Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. Jim worked on each of their presidential campaigns for 1980 and 1992, and he also was a senior advisor to the Mike Huckabee 2008 presidential campaign. Jim is an expert on some of the topics that are near and dear to my heart. I have been working on the Obamacare issue since it was first just a glimmer in President Obama and the Congress’s eyes. In today’s show, we discuss: • How a recent decision by a Texas judge declaring Obamacare unconstitutional will affect the debate on healthcare going • Why it was a mistake for Republicans to not have a replacement for Obamacare from the beginning • How a federally-mandated healthcare system will affect innovation in the field of medical developments • The expanding euthanasia regime in Europe as death panelists penetrate the European health system • The dangers of the mantra that we’re spending too much on health care which leads to euthanasia as a utilitarian budget saving device • The weird eugenics, population culling going on influenced by insurance companies • Rationing of health care • What tax reforms would he like to see • Why there should be greater use of natural resources like gas and oil to create clean fuel • The generational shift of younger people not getting drivers licenses, taking public transit and seeing the automobile as a service • Jordan Peterson - what is driving his popularity, why there is the hunger for his kind of message • The PC-totalitarian culture of today • Individual responsibility • Thoughts on the Financial Times picking George Soros as the Man of the Year • The Right is not interested in funding media unless they can make money from it; more interested in funding political campaign ads and PACS • Why the Left is much smarter than the right in funding media, even though it’s not financially beneficial for them, but the media advances and supports leftists’ policies • Why it’s much more valuable to have the positive media coverage then spending tons of money on campaign ads or PACS • There should be more funding of conservative media, including investigative reporting • Soros gave the Drug Policy Institute $60M to fight against hard drug (cocaine, heroin) enforcement worldwide • His reaction to shutting down of Weekly Standard; On their tombstone will read: they were the architects of Iraq War, one of the greatest disasters • Reflections on George HW Bush, who he worked for from 1985-1992 • Bush family’s decision to have Alan Simpson defend the catastrophic decision to raise taxes • Pitfalls of political dynasties FOLLOW: Twitter: @JamesPPinkerton Breitbart: American Conservative: RATE (Reforming America’s Taxes Equitably) Coalition: - - - - Gayle Totter's Website: Twitter: @gayletrotter Support Gayle's RIGHT IN DC Podcasts:

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