Interview with newly-elected Congressman Chip Roy


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My guest today on RIGHT IN DC is Chip Roy. Chip is a longtime friend of mine and I would call him an ideological compadre as we both revere the US Constitution, and our civil liberties and rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We both attended the University of Virginia together and he went on to be very involved in politics. Chip worked as the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas under Texas AG Ken Paxton, who I had the honor of meeting at the recent Federal Society conference in DC a few weeks ago. Chip was a senior advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry and was Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Chip is a former federal prosecutor, having served as Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Texas. Congratulations are now in order for his exciting victory in November to represent the 21st District of Texas to the US House of Representatives. In my interview with him, we discuss: • Secure borders, building the wall and illegal immigration • Why it is in the interest of immigrants that we secure the borders and follow the rule of law • Why he decided to get involved in politics considering so many conservatives don’t because they are so disgusted by what happens in Washington, DC • How will he avoid getting “swamp fever” when he gets to Washington and become part of the entrenched establishment • Why it would be better for the power to come back into the states so we wouldn’t all have to be at each other’s throats so someone from one state wouldn’t tell someone in another state what to do • Why, during the new Congressman orientation session he attended, the entirety of the talk the Republicans were having, from leadership on down was how do we get the power back instead of focusing on accomplishing what we were elected to do • Why the push to “out-Democrat the Democrats” is a bad idea to getting Republicans back in power • Why he was running against Congress during his campaign • How important it is to support conservative women and help them get their message out • Impact of Ted Cruz trying to stop Obamacare on the House floor • Why the Republicans, when they had the power, did nothing on Obamacare and other issues people elected them to do “American people are hungry for people who will stand up and do what they say they will do.” • His views on the Second Amendment and the right for people and families to defend themselves • The Kavanaugh hearings and why the Supreme Court is not functioning the way it should be functioning and that we need to stop waiting around for judges to tell us what we can do—they shouldn’t have that much power MORE Twitter: @chiproytx --- Gayle Totter's Website: Twitter: @gayletrotter Support Gayle's RIGHT IN DC Podcasts:

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