Interview with psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon diagnosing the left, the media and Trump


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Today my guest is Dr. Gina Loudon, a good friend of mine. We met first in LA in 2011 at the TALKERS Radio Conference and I have been so excited to watch the impact that she has had in politics. She has a beautiful family. I loved seeing her in Palm Beach a couple weeks ago when I was down there. Dr. Gina is a member of the Trump 2020 Campaign Media Advisory Board. She's a popular guest analyst on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, HLN, and she's co-host of America Talks Live on Newsmax TV. She holds two master's degrees (Counseling, Human Development), as well as a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She and her husband are the parents of five children. Her new book is, "Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy" ( In our interview, we discuss: • How the liberal media inflates the credentials of people they agree with but deflates the credentials of those they oppose • Why the media want to discuss the WHAT but not the WHY--the psychology/motives behind actions • Why the human behavior element needs to be taken into consideration • Liberals argue on an emotional level; conservatives on reason, but people respond to the emotional • Why it's easier to walk through life being a leftist/liberal (hint: you don't have to think) • Why it takes more courage to be a conservative, especially a conservative woman • Looking at the motives of the presidential candidates (their desire to step forward in their careers, the money, the power, the accomplishment); why she decided to support Donald Trump because he didn't need any of these • Trump risked it all to put himself in a middle of a war for unselfish reasons with nothing to gain • Why not being owned by special interests makes Trump independent of the political establishment and why that scares them • What Trump is like as a friend • How Trump is able to deal with such unprecedented harsh treatment on a daily basis just for wanting to serve his country • Trump's faults: he is too honest and too loyal • Psychology behind the Rex Tillerson tweet • How the media weaponized George H.W. Bush's death and funeral against Trump • Why the media opposes civil discourse for monetary reasons • Desire for page views (= money) and competition creates outrageous click-bait headlines that fuel society's anger • The unprecedented attacks on free speech and why this requires a counter-puncher like Trump to lead us through • Why the media longs for a weaker president who can be controlled • Why the media want to define who we are and not allow people to politically evolve and change their views • Why the media would be the biggest losers in their war against the First Amendment • How the Second Amendment changes the balance of power for women • Why criminals and mass shooters are drawn to "gun-free zones" • The story behind Gina's adopted son with Down's Syndrome and why it's such a tragedy that babies like this are aborted • The left trying to take down her book on Amazon by false ratings • The need to follow the truth even though it costs you MORE: Website: Twitter: Facebook: New Book: Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy --- Gayle Totter's Website: Twitter: @gayletrotter Support Gayle's RIGHT IN DC Podcasts:

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