Trump Will Win Because Democrat Candidates are UNINSPIRING


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In today's episode, I talk about the 2020 Presidential Campaign and how the Democrats are doing. They have a weak field of Democratic candidates and none of them are inspiring. They are also floundering in many areas, including technology. Because of their weak position, I expect the Democrats and the mainstream media to ramp up their attacks and pressure on President Trump because that's all they have left. Yet, when their largest value is POWER (the need to get power back at all costs), that hurts them because it turns people off and leads them to support Trump. Mentioned: Op-Ed: Iowa caucus disaster proves the Democrats still don’t know how to beat Trump 'It's stunning how far they've fallen': Iowa app farce shows Democrats' tech slump ---------- Follow Gayle Trotter-- WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: Support: Voice-Over Artist: Rick Regan

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