002: Feeling Out of Control & How We Heal with Annette Sloan


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Annette Sloan is mind body nutrition coach and a close friend and mentor to me. This episode is so dear to my heart because it relates to my own personal struggle over the years to love and accept my body. Annette shares the healing balm I wish I had back then and that still feels good to hear today.

This episode is for you if...

+ You are working tirelessly to hit a goal you just can't seem to accomplish and feel shame and pain because of it

+ You have areas in your life that you are holding on and trying to control so tightly

+ You have had the control pendulum swing back the other way and felt completely out of control, binging with food or alcohol or something else

+ You struggle to feel good about your body and feel caught in self-judgment and negativity

+ You've ever questioned yourself, frustrated, "How is this still a struggle? I thought I healed this already!"

Annette and I explore the process of how we heal from these struggles and what becomes possible for us as we move through them.

For more information on the resources mentioned in this podcast, head to: rachelsizemore.com/episode2

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