003: Knowing What You Want with Rachel Sizemore


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This episode is all about desire - juicy, joyful, magical, but sometimes elusive, desire.

The goal of Ripen is to explore how we can create lives that are more aligned with and turned on to our desire. But far and away, the most common answer I get when I ask another woman, "What do you want?" is "I don't know."

Well it's going to be pretty dang tricky to live more in alignment with our desires if we don't even know what they are!

So in this episode, we explore...

+ Why desire and knowing what you want matters

+ The common fear many of us have about whether we even have desires

+ The real reasons why we don't know what we want

+ Why it can be scary to acknowledge our desires

+ How we can start to get to know our desire and what we truly want right now

For more information on the resources mentioned in this episode, head to: rachelsizemore.com/episode3

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