004: A Permission Slip for Pleasure with Kit Murray Maloney


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I first met Kit Murray Maloney in the summer of 2015 when she wrote me and the other members of her tribe a giant permission slip for pleasure. At the time I had no idea the ripple effect this permission slip would create in my life, but without a doubt it and my friendship with Kit are a big part of how this podcast became Ripen.

When I met Kit I was fully entrenched in the doing, doing, doing, stressed out, push myself mode of being, and it was through my connection with her that I first started to discover a more pleasurable way of living.

Listen in as Kit and I jam on...

+ The power and necessity of celebrating women’s pleasure

+ Talking about sex with your friends, why it matters and how to get started

+ Taking the feelings of guilt and selfishness out of the pleasure conversation

+ How to bring more pleasure in your life even if it feels lightyears away from your current life or you’ve never had an orgasm

+ What vulnerability has to do with intuition and how you can use it to get in better communication with yourself

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