006: How to Get What You Want (in Bed) with Amanda Testa


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Wake up exhausted. 5 cups of coffee to get through the day. 2 glasses of wine to fall asleep. Crappy night's sleep. Exhausted when you wake up again.

It's a cycle many of us fall into as we try to survive our stressful, busy lives. And it's where my guest today, Amanda Testa, found herself a few years after becoming a mom.

In this episode, Amanda shares with us her journey from always putting herself at the bottom of the list to rediscovering what she needs and refueling herself with desire.

Amanda Testa is the creator of "Find Your Feminine Fire," which is all about helping women find their powerful feminine essence again. And that is something we dive into really deeply on the show today.

Listen in as Amanda and I jam on...

+ How to get started reconnecting to yourself and to your desire, even if you're feeling exhausted, stressed out, numbed out, or overwhelmed

+ How women's bodies are different from men's when it comes to arousal and what that means for you (hint: you are NOT broken!)

+ Why it's worth the effort to reconnect to your body and your sexual self

+ How to communicate with your partner in a loving and effective way as you discover new things about yourself and your turn on

+ How to transition from super busy lady or mommy mode to being open and even excited for intimacy

There is so much juicy goodness packed into this episode. I hope it is really impactful for you. Make sure to let me know what you think, leave me a comment on the blog or email me at rachel@rachelsizemore.com. I love hearing from you!

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