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In the current media coverage of the NRL, everybody seems to be too afraid to call a spade a spade. The ex-players and media personalities hosting these shows are too close to the inner circle to be objective about rugby league and discuss in detail what’s going right and what's going oh so wrong in our game week to week. As for us here at Rippin’ In - well, we aren’t a part of the NRL fraternity. And we don’t want to be. We call it as we see it - no team, player or issue has immunity from this podcast. If a team isn’t performing to expectation, a player is going unsung for his team’s success or the very game itself is broken - we’ll be covering it. We record and post a new episode weekly, covering the previous round's results, the upcoming round and discuss the biggest issues affecting rugby league. If you’re looking for a no holds barred, in-depth analysis of the NRL and rugby league in general, with extensive coverage of every single team in each weekly episode - the Rippin’ In podcast is for you!

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