Forgiving Yourself and Others when You Can't Forget with Benjamin Lundquist - RAL 40


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In this episode Benjamin speaks into the heart of leaders about forgiveness. So many leaders are trying to make their impact on world while carrying around the heavy weight of pain, regret, and shame connected to things they have done or things that have been done to them. Forgiveness is a gift that releases everyone to be who they have been created and called to be. He shares a three- step approach to forgiveness, healing, and greater impact that has worked for him and it will work for you. If you are struggling with forgiveness and finally what to turn a page in your story then this episode is for you. Don't forget to subscribe to the Rise and Lead Podcast to ensure you get notified when new episodes release every month. When you share about the podcast, make sure and tag @benjaminlundquist, and he'll always try and give you a re-post. Remember, the best time to rise and lead is now!

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