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In this episode, Benjamin sits down for a powerful conversation with Tyler Reagin. Tyler is the founder and CEO of The Life Giving Company (lifegiving.co), and is the author of The Life-Giving Leader (Oct 2018) and Leading Things You Didn’t Start (Releases on March 2, 2021). He is also the former President of Catalyst, a national movement of events and resourcing which connects with over 100,000 leaders each year, and currently serves as a leadership coach for teams and organizations. He is a leader of leaders. Benjamin and Tyler talk about leading your family well, navigating leadership and life transitions, becoming a more life-giving leader, how to know if you are coming to the end of your current leadership assignment, and how to lead things you didn't start. This episode is packed with value. Make sure to share this conversation with your network, and don't forget to subscribe to the Rise and Lead Podcast to ensure you get notified when new episodes release every month. Remember, the best time to rise and lead is now!
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