Teaching Through a Pandemic with Vimbo Zvandasara-Zhou - RAL 38


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In this episode Benjamin sits down for a powerful conversation with Vimbo Zvandasara-Zhou, a teacher and principal who takes you into her world of education and administration during the last year. Together they talk about the overwhelming challenge of being an educator during a pandemic, what it looks like to lead effectively in a classroom, school, and community in a world that seems to be changing by the hour, and the episode ends with some much needed encouragement and empowerment for educators who are thinking about giving up. Benjamin has a heart for educators and the impact they are making on the next generation, and this episode is for them. Benjamin hopes this conversation will give teachers and school administrators some tools and encouragement to hang in there, not give up, and grow to their next level.
Vimbo is also the founder of TineVimbo. This non-profit organization focuses on assisting schools in her home country of Zimbabwe. This is done through supplying elementary and high-school students with borehole wells for clean running water, much needed books, school supplies, and sanitary items.
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