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Check out our website at www.RiseUpRadio.net The Rise Up! Radio Podcast shares the inspiring stories and strategies used by our world-class guests who were able to breakthrough barriers, transform their lives and are now impacting the world. Rise Up! Radio is for YOU, my inner circle of friends who may have found themselves to be hurt, depressed, frustrated or confused, no matter what level of success you may have achieved. Rise Up! Radio is for YOU, who need’s a breathe of positivity, laughter, a mentor and guidance in your life. Rise Up! Radio is for YOU, who just went through a major life transition and you're looking around thinking "what happened, what happened to me?" You realize that you need to make a change and you’ve made the commitment to daily mental, physical, relational, personal and spiritual growth. When you are empowered and you are enlightened, and you’re able to find the love that God has placed inside of you, and you’re able to bring it out to the world. Your life grows, your self-worth grows, your achievements grow, your fulfillment grows, your leadership grows, your gratitude grows and your self-love grows. Your life can change at the speed of a thought. Dr. Al is a child of God, father, chiropractor (25,000 patient hours & 100,000 patient visits), health and human performance coach, 2x-OCR World Championship qualifying athlete and in a heavy metal band. Over the past 15 years he has worked with Pro Athletes, an Olympic Gold Medalist, World Series winners, IronMan winners, Spartan Athletes, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Stay-at-Home Moms and thousands of other amazing people to help them achieve an improved, fulfilled and purposeful life. Dr. Al is on a mission to be in a constant state of self-improvement and will help anyone who wants to join him.

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