Equipping the Saints Pt. 3


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Josh continues our discussion in the book of Ephesians, highlighting the community that Jesus invites us into when he says to us, like he did to the disciples, "Come, follow me." Jesus is our peace and brings groups together that have no business together. Through Christ, the dividing walls come down, and the disparate groups become one new humanity. And together, these saints become members of the household of God with Jesus as the cornerstone.

Josh shared some quotes and thoughts to consider:

1) "Talmudine" -- "Jesus was a Rabbi. Rabbis teach. Each Rabbi had his own unique interpretation of Torah. The Torah is the law that the people lived by, and had been given to them by God through Moses. Each Rabbi’s unique interpretation of the law was his ‘yolk’. So when a young man chose a specific Rabbi to follow and learn from, he ‘took the yolk of Torah’ from that Rabbi. The Rabbi became his ‘Master’, and that disciple (Talmudine) accepted that Rabbi’s interpretation, and embraced it."

2) This journey of faith with Jesus looks something like:

- A revolutionary awakening.

- A radical experience of inclusion and love from God and community.

- The ability to seek without being forced.

- A sense of belonging to a family.

- A deeper experience and understanding of Christ that becomes personal in nature.

- A desire to commit deeply from a heart-choice place.

- Understanding who you are & whose you are, so God begins to bring clarity on what He's made you for.

3) "A new group of aliens and strangers now citizens with all the saints fill this household. Not a place that saints go, but where God chooses to dwell."

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