Making Room at The Table


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This morning, we have the privilege of two messages in one Sunday. First, Shannon shared about her heart for hospitality and how that plays out in her role as the Table Director, inviting us to join her in the mission she has for The Table (Make Room; Make Do; Make Time; Make Space). Then, Josh shared from Psalm 139 and John 1 about what it means to be a "come and see" people who live out the reality that everyone -- friends, friends who vote for the other person, enemies, and ourselves -- are fearfully and wonderfully made. Romans 12:3-8, 13; Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; John 1:43-51.

If you'd like to help Shannon at The Table, please email her at

Josh asked us to consider 4 questions this week:

1) What are the needs of the body right now?

2) What are the specific anointings over RCC?

3) What specific supernatural graces does RCC have to accomplish the calling RCC has?

4) Are we following the favor God has already given us with Smyrna well?

Josh shared a quote from Debie Thomas:

"Is it possible for us to see our present moment as Jesus sees it? Instead of deciding that we know everything there is to know about the political “others” in our lives, can we ask God for fresh vision? Instead of assuming that “nothing good” can come of the cultural mess we find ourselves in, can we accept Philip’s invitation to “come and see?” What would happen if we left our comfortable vantage points, and dared to believe that just maybe, we have been limited and hasty in our original certainties about each other, about God, and about the world? To 'come and see' is to approach all of life with a grace-filled curiosity, to believe that we are holy mysteries to each other, worthy of further exploration. To come and see is to enter into the joy of being deeply seen and deeply known, and to have the very best that lies hidden within us called out and called forth. I write these words in hope. In fragile hope, but hope nonetheless. Not because we’re capable of clear vision on our own, but because we are held by the eternal promise of Jesus who said: 'You will see greater things than these.' We will. We will see heaven open. We will see angels. We will see the love and justice of God. So don’t be afraid. Don’t hide. Don’t despair. Live boldly into the calling of Epiphany. See. Name. Speak. Bless. God is near and God is speaking. Many good things can come out of Nazareth."

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