Jessica Mindrum and Blake Norris (Talent Bookers at Audiotree)


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Welcome to Roadcase, a podcast exploring the live music experience!! Come on along and learn the ins and outs behind the plethora of live performances featured by Chicago-based Audiotree in this fun and informative interview with talent bookers Jessica Mindrum and Blake Norris. Audiotree records and produces live performances at their Audiotree studio as well as a number of different settings including Lincoln Hall and Schubas, the two local Chicago venues the company owns. Jessica and Blake talk about their experiences as in-studio hosts as well as give us a run down on the various Audiotree live music offerings and what it's like booking bands from around the world. We also talk about the latest in live music, when we'll all (hopefully) be getting back to in-person shows and how streaming will figure into the future of shows. Enjoy this fun ride!!

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