Brandon Toner: Healthcare, Note-taking Philosophy, Schooling with Roam


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In this episode, we talk with Brandon Toner, a pharmacist based in Nova Scotia, Canada. He's known from his goal to build a habit of expression through a reset on Twitter. This is a broad episode ranging from healthcare to school, note-taking philosophies and the search for powerful conversations.

We talked about:

  • Doing a hard reset on Twitter
  • Information management in pharmacy, healthcare and possibilities with Roam Research
  • Intricacies in healthcare and what information we must consider
  • Brandon's workflow in the field of learning healthcare
  • The philosophy of note-taking and its connection to identity, expression and more
  • How Roam can help you build your own worldview



  • 1:50 Brandon's criteria for Twitter conversations
  • 3:34 Hard reset on Twitter and connecting with people an dideas
  • 5:53 The Dark times, and the tools that never felt quite right
  • 8:01 Brandon's future version of himself
  • 9:40 What Brandon does: Pharmacy in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 11:24 Information in healthcare and pharmacy
  • 14:59 Building dynamic reference material for healthcare
  • 16:48 "When I consume knowledge, I want it to become a part of me"
  • 18:05 The responsibilities of a clinical expert
  • 19:54 Brandon's thoughts on schooling with Roam
  • 22:07 Roam dependence and impact on our systems and routines
  • 27:58 The scaffolding for a network of information
  • 29:28 What is structure? Note-taking as a philosophy
  • 33:42 How do we balance between chaos and order?
  • 34:52 Brandon's workflow in bringing order to chaos
  • 40:39 "You can't skip that dance" and Go Boards
  • 43:35 Putting down other tools, and the burden of freedom
  • 48:14 What happens in the true believer calls? and how Brandon joined Roam
  • 54:35 Cult vs. culture, and Conor thinking out loud in calls
  • 59:35 The revolution of maintaining societal knowledge
  • 1:07:17 Exploring Roam's diversity of users
  • 1:09:56 Celebrating life and our loved ones
  • 1:14:51 Roam baked in productivity culture
  • 1:18:41 The low floor, high ceiling, and Roam possibilities
  • 1:21:34 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it?]]
  • 1:30:20 [[What does Roam mean to you?]]


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