Mike Schmitz: Faith-Based Productivity and Sketch Notes (V1)


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In this episode we talk with Mike Schmitz, who is a productivity nerd (as written on his website), loves reading books and enjoys making things.
He is currently the Executive Editor at The Sweet Setup, a website where you can discover the best apps and workflows for your iPhone, Mac and iPad, as well as Co-Host of the Focused Bookworm and Intentional Family podcasts.
His website, faith based productivity talks about his intersections: the amazing tips, tricks and principles of productivity, and his faith from his sermon sketch notes, as well as his Bible study notes. Mike combines all of this in Roam.
We talked about:

  • Mike's origin story and how he became a productivity coach from writing so much and combining it with faith
  • The impact of his sermon sketch notes, as well as his quotes and passages from the Bible
  • His Roam workflows and observations + how he pools emails as a to-do on Rome.
  • The meaning of faith-based productivity and the true definition of hustle
  • 'Cult' which can be an uncomfortable word used to describe loyal users of a tool


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