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With Roam Fund, Roam Scholars Program, APIs and Multiplayer Roam coming up, there's still some things I'd like to figure out:

  • How will Roam enable creators to maintain a sustainable career?
  • What are the possibilities and models for monetization using a Roam graph?
  • Are there example products out there that we can replicate in Roam as a source of income?

Introducing the first (of many) RoamFM hangouts, this talk will be about monetization models, premium graphs and defining the 'Roam Creator'.

This hangout is simple:

  • Zoom Room where I'll kick things with my thoughts on public/premium graphs (will be made available on the RoamFM graph), monetization models and what a Roam Creator can be
  • An open discussion on these topics
  • Some announcements for RoamFM
  • Later on we'll close off with prompts and questions on what other possibilities to consider (to talk right then and there, or to save for another hangout)
  • Freeform conversation after! (Anything goes)

I've set this event for 2 hours just in case, but if we end earlier/later, will leave the room up accordingly.

The objectives are:

  • To expand our possibilities and use cases as creators using Roam Research
  • Explore different ways for monetization and business models
  • Engage in Otium: the pursuit of intellectual curiosity. Everybody is part of the discussion
  • See some amazing Roaman faces!

I'll be exploring different models, where future of Roam might go for money-making, and how creators can fit in there. Will share my own findings and predictions, and I want to have it open up for discussion.

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